Protect and Beautify the Exterior of Your Home

Siding is what’s needed to give your home a finished look and offer the outside walls of your home the color and style that you want to be able to enjoy every day.  The type of siding used can make a difference to you regarding maintenance, longevity, and quality.  There are a few different siding options that we offer at Golden Eagle Restorations, Inc. to give you the look you want and bring more of the finish to your home that what you’d have if you didn’t have the right siding in place.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding is durable and long-lasting.  If you choose this type of siding for your home, you’ll probably never have to add more siding or change it again.  This type of siding can be enjoyed in shake style, which is typically offered in cedar boards, but with the fiber-cement it will last longer, horizontal style, and scalloped.  These different siding styles make it easy for you to choose the siding that can make a difference on your home and give you the look you want and the features that you’ll love.  Let our team explain the benefits of fiber-cement siding to you today.

Vinyl Siding

Because vinyl siding is made of plastic, it can be molded to look any way that you would like it to look on your home.  This siding is offered with a vertical appearance, a shake style, scallops, and horizontal style.  Choose the look you want, combine a couple of different styles, and let our team install new vinyl siding on your home.  This siding is the most affordable to give you an easy to enjoy and affordable choice when you want to have a new and upgraded appearance added to your home.

Wood Siding

If you want the natural appearance and quality of wood siding, our team at Golden Eagle can provide it for you.  You don’t have to settle for only the cedar shake style of siding, we can help you enjoy a variety of looks to make sure you can have the natural wood feeling that you want on your home.  Choose striated, perfection, or handsplits for the siding that you choose and let our team add the look of natural wood to your home.  You’re going to be amazed by how easy it is to have siding that looks great on your home.

The Finishing Touches

Your home won’t look finished until we add some additional items to the siding that’s protecting your home.  This means a beautiful set of shutters next to every window, headers that match the shutters to give your windows a gorgeous appearance, a set of gutters to make sure water is directed away from the siding, gable vents where needed, and door surrounds to offer your entrance a welcoming feeling.  Ask our team at Golden Eagle to show you how these finishing products will look on your home and add the beauty that makes your home look amazing.